My very happy buyers Lori and Pat with Molly the cat

My very happy buyers!!

​29 SW 21st St, Cape Coral, 33991

2055 NE 20th St, Cape Coral,33909

1826 SW 8th Pl, Cape coral 33991

I'm very happy for Josh and Emily Sanchez

Sold in 3hours for my seller Christian and Victoriana!! 

937 NW 8th Ter, Cape Coral 33993

2217 NE 10th Pl, Cape Coral, FL 33993

Vacant Lot 203 NW 3rd Ave, Cape Coral 33993

​Vacant waterfront lot 2314 SW 21st Ter Cape Coral 33991 

3743 NE 16th Ave, Cape Coral 33909​

My first time home buyers Scott and Amie with Grace and their lender Patrick Derosa ( Infinity Group Intern. Corp. Mortgage Broker)

215 SE 16th Ter, Cape Coral, FL 33990

Just sold to my buyer Casey up north. I wish him good luck with his future project!

809 Jacaranda Pkwy, Cape Coral FL 33909

3519 NW 21st Ter, Cape Coral, 33993

110 SW 20th Pl, Cape Coral 33991

​I'm so very happy for Casey and Andy from Minnesota with the whole family !

1018 SE 21st Ave, Cape Coral 33990, sold to Carl, Doris, Traci and Gary


​  203 NW 3rd Ave, Cape Coral FL 33993

Property Management 4 you 
Maiers House Cleaning LLC   D/B/A   Property Management 4 you

Vacant lot at 419 NE 5th Ter, Cape Coral, FL 33909

Vacant waterfront Lot 930 SW Embers Ter, Cape Coral 33991

​Vacant waterfront lot 1216 NW 9th St, Cape Coral 33993

4301 NW 20th Ter, Cape Coral, 33993

​Sold to Jody and her family

A happy family purchased 2 lots next to each other, all for their future dream come true!

Thank you very much for "Jerry" the          Mulberry tree! I love him.

1516 SE 16th Ter, Cape Coral, 33990

​Sold to my buyer Sebastian that lives in Poland

2729 NW 11th St, Cape Coral, 33993

​Sold to Eddy and his whole family from NY

My very happy buyers!!

3310 NW 5th St, Cape Coral 33993

                                 So happy for Phil and Veronica Guzman


230 SE 46th Ln, Cape Coral, FL 33904   

5793 Cape Harbour Dr. # 1014, Cape Coral, FL 33914 

3419 NW 46th Ave, Cape Coral, 33993 Sold for my seller Michael and Patricia

A very happy Ebenezer

We just closed on this beautiful pool home. I'm so happy for Jennifer and Tony and their big family! 

205 NW 24th Pl, Cape Coral FL 33993


1420 SW 11th Ave, Cape Coral, FL 33991

3519 NW 21st Ter, Cape Coral,33993

​Beautiful New Construction for Grace and Marc

Happy family Shelton

706 SE 36th St, Cape Coral FL 33904

Sold their home in 2 days!!

818 NE 16th Ter

Happy Sellers:

Dan and Amanda Collins